MAY 10 - JUNE 4 2021

My love, isn’t it time for you to let go and let this be easier?

You’ve mastered the strategy game. 
You know what you’re doing (despite the doubtful moments when it feels like you don’t). 

You know that the never ending chase to climb higher and higher is a road to nowhere without embodied anchoring and feeling grounded in your center as you rise. 

You’re ready for a better way. And it’s right here waiting for you.



It’s no secret that a 7 figure business requires a 7 figure mindset. Here’s what most business coaches won’t tell you:

 The key to a 7 figure mindset requires knowing that what you desire is in fact already yours.

Back in December of 2020, I found myself alone with my journal, a cup of hot chocolate, and my own thoughts for the first time since Ella was born. 


As I thought about my intentions for 2021 and pondered on my word for the year, an unexpected word appeared in my mind and wouldn’t leave. It lingered. It chose me.

I kept writing down other options. Trying to find something more exciting and exhilarating. Frankly, I was searching for a word that made me feel more in control. (I’m a textbook Manifestor and Enneagram 3, so control is kinda my thing).
Allow, to be completely honest, felt too wishy washy. Passive. 
And yet, I couldn’t shake the word from my mind.

I reflected on the huge milestones that had unfolded before me in the past couple months. A $512k launch. Birthing a human, that my body built on its own, into the world through an unmedicated 25 hour labor. 
Leaning back and letting my team continue to grow the business while I rested and healed.

Allow asked me to take my foot off the gas and lean back, 
to trust in something bigger than my own fiery willpower to continue to rise.

Allow asked me to rely on a plan that was bigger than my own spreadsheets.

Allow asked me to loosen my grip, listen, and let myself be guided and held, 
not needing to know how it would all work out.

Allow had already chosen me, and I decided to listen.
Over the past six months, I’ve hit multiple 6-figure launches (including a half a million dollar launch) and expanded my business with more ease than ever, while traveling the world with my newborn baby girl and husband.

I’ve scaled back my working hours, stabilized next levels of income, and manifested the most amazing of opportunities, relationships, and soulmate clients literally appearing from “out of nowhere”.

I’ve manifested life dreams directly from my vision board, in less than 4 months, which willpower and effort alone could never have created in 100 years.

As I’ve shifted my daily practice as an entrepreneur to be rooted in trust and an expansive embodied mindset practice, the strategy and execution pieces have taken care of themselves. The results have been natural. The ease and enjoyment is palpable.

As I’ve shifted my locus of success to prioritize feeling overflowingly abundant, money has become fun, an energetic tool, an ever-renewing resource (and always showing up in new unexpected ways).

As I’ve shifted my setpoint from “calling in the next thing” to knowing everything I desire is already coming to me, I’ve been able to collapse time to achieve the most massive of goals - and explode my financial reality.

Everything has fallen into place.

not through the energy of controlling.

but through the energy of allowing.

Inside Allow, I’m going to walk with you step by step through my exact process and mindset, manifestation, and money magic practices for massive growth and extraordinary fulfillment.

What  You Get

  • You, me, and a group of other heart-centered entrepreneurs, inside a private Facebook group for 4 weeks straight.
  • Upon sign up, you receive instant access to a bonus resource vault, including my Allowing Abundance playlist, my personal mindset journaling prompts, and the quirky manifestation practice that has helped me generate massive results in business and life, from $500K launches and beyond.
  • Each week, you’ll receive access to a module workbook to be shared inside the Facebook group with tangible practices, tools, and prompts to guide you, along with a live masterclass training.
  • ​Week 4 will also include a bonus 90-minute group hot seat coaching call via Zoom to be coached by me live and answer any lingering questions.

What  You Learn

  • Module 1: Making space to ALLOW more in. Inside this module, you’ll learn to make more internal space and clean up energetic habits, and remove the obstacles to an always-available stream of money and opportunities to flow in.
  • Module 2: Energy Play - Practical tools for Inviting Ease & Pleasure, Trusting Uncertainty, and Becoming a Match to Receive more and more. This is where we become quantum attractors. You’ll learn how to to allow your vision to strengthen accelerate your ability to receive more money and expansion. 
  • Module 3: The manifestation in motion triangle: Learn my step-by-step process for manifesting literally everything you want as if you Amazon Primed it from the universe directly to your door (this is how I’ve manifested every good thing in my life, from a soulmate husband, beautiful baby, and a million dollar business). This is where we turn your intention into powerful action to expedite attraction. 
  • Module 4: 90 minute hot seat Zoom coaching call to integrate and ask me any questions about allowing more with more ease.

Pushing and a plan can only get you so far. Letting go and allowing is your ticket to the next level.

Whether it’s $100K months, a dream property, a loving partnership, or a growing family (or better yet, all of it), what you desire is holy. It’s yours. You’re worthy of it, and it’s time to allow it in, with more ease than ever.

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